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    Registration / Profile
  • 1. How do I register?

    Hello Dear user;

              Eat and see is very easy to register in this Social Network, when you enter this page you will see a box in which you can login or register, how should you proceed?

    You will see two profiles "Basic User" or "This profile allows the deletion" in both cases the registration is free.

        1º If you are already registered previously, simply put your Username and Password and it is already.

        2º If you are not, you will see that it says "REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT TODAY" click on that link.

        3º You will see that the first thing that appears to you is the reCaptcha, because that, select and in its defect, select the boxes that it indicates.

       4th Continue with the registration by filling in as little as possible the fields with the asterisk (*), the rest you can do later.

       5º If everything went well, once the registration is done you will find yourself inside.

    You can start uploading your photos, videos, etc.

  • 2. How do I edit my profile?

    I'm here again!

    Once you have registered and you have already started to publish and share your experiences, photos, videos, etc., you will see that at the top under the menu, you get an information, that although you can temporarily remove it, it is a bit Melesta, in that information tells you the level of data in your profile that you have, 60%, 90%, etc. it is not a mistake, it is only information.

    But the best way that you do not get more information, is to edit your profile and complete the information that you lack, which, although it is not mandatory, if it is important when making friends or similar, therefore the best is complete it and ignore the subject.

    1º In the message itself there is a link that directs you to your profile so that you can Edit the link is in blue and says "Fill in your profile now", and your profile data will be opened and those that are missing, it will be completed all including the password otherwise you will still be leaving na information that you do not have complete the profile.

    Only in this way will we avoid the annoying little sign in which he informs us of the level of data of our profile.

    We will continue...

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    Edit profile
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